10 Powerful Superfoods to Massively Enhance your Quality of Life

Superfoods are some of nature’s powerful creations. Since Neanderthal man first crawled out of the jungle, our species has been looking for the most effective nutrition for human well-being and longevity. In the 21st century, we are incredibly lucky to be able to take our pick of the very finest of these plants and, thanks to the Internet, have them with us in a matter of 24 hours. With that abundance comes a note of caution, so please use these plant medicines carefully and allow your system some time to acclimatise before ingesting large quantities in one go.


One of the original super foods, cacao really is an amazing plant. Packed with magnesium, and a wonderful substance called theobrominine that offers a wealth of benefits to the brain in particular, there’s a good reason the chocolate has become an industry so powerful that our cacao plantations literally cannot compete with demand. Packed with natural antioxidants that protect the body against free radical damage, as well as a powerful pleasure compound called Phenethylamin which our brain produces when retracted to a mate. One or two teaspoonfuls of Cacao mixed in some hemp milk and with a bit of honey is not only delicious but also a powerful mood enhancer and immune stimulator. Too much cocoa can slightly exacerbate kidney problems so use with caution if this is an issue you face.

10 Superfoods to Make you Live Longer!Honey

It is believed that Neanderthal man first noticed sticky substance trickling down rock walls on warm days and dipped his finger out of sheer curiosity into the mixture. It is pleasant to imagine the neurochemical storm which must have followed his first ingestion of the sweet nectar. Packed with antioxidants, powerful aid the cultural super foods like pollen and pro plus when found in a natural state, honey is antibacterial, and unique amongst the sweet foods and this factor. It’s no surprise that when you look at the blue zone, those areas of the world which appear to experience extreme long life, beekeepers and cultures still in touch with a big cultural traditions are often near the top. By good raw honey from a beekeeper near you, who doesn’t feed his bees refined sugar will give them antibiotics. Again, this is best used in small doses but honey is something which is beneficial both internally and even topically: put a bit on a wound and see how quickly it heals.

Marine phytoplankton

This is only been eaten by humans in the last 20 years or so but we can take solace from the fact that Wales have been eating it for millions of years. This is the primary factor synthesising agent on our planet and responsible for most of the oxygen we breathe. It is also an incredibly fast growing organism, vegetarian, and amongst the most nutrient rich superfood on our planet. It is available as a health supplement in capsules, or powder and we recommend this highly as an alkalising deeply nourishing food stuff. What’s particularly special about phytoplankton is its tiny cell size. Several times smaller than a human red blood cell, marine phytoplankton is therefore the most absorbable supplement or indeed foodstuff you will ever ingest. As an emerging phenomenon, there is little clear scientific evidence about how the body swords marine phytoplankton but it stands to reason that it should be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, which makes it very special and useful for people with metabolic disorders. In our experience, most people who eat traditional Western diets have severely compromised digestive tracts, so for them marine phytoplankton is really a must have supplement, allowing abundant, alkalising nutrition without being filtered out by their overtaxed livers. This is also an industry with a lot of cheap products on the market, however, so we recommend only one marine phytoplankton supplement which is available from our friends at Plankton for Health. We hope you enjoy this as it is probably the one thing we would take to a desert island!