We were founded in 1996 by a team of professionals. A team of Engineers and experienced Medical officers founded it with a unique motto to ensure Health-care at affordable price. We as an organization are highly conscious of exceed client expectations.Our interests are to provide the client with outstanding Products of Personal & Healthcare. And all such products should be provided at best price and quality.
We are progressively moving ahead with our motto. Our strong dealer network across India and customer service are importantly the reasons for our success. We are providing hospital products, healthy products, herbal hair oils, diagnostic products at door step to people in India. We can make this possible with the support of our AKAS Medical Staff trained for sales, service and application of equipment and product to remain self reliant on every front of customer satisfaction. Our interests are to provide the customer with outstanding products of diagnostics & therapeutic value in Indian environment.
AKAS Medical, manufactures world class Volumetric Infusion, Syringe Infusion pumps, Patient Monitors and Ophthalmology products which are being used in various hospitals and medical institutions through out India and other South Asian Countries as well.We have not just limited to this. Our motto to bring Health care at affordable price, we have an online shopping store whereby all are products are available for shopping.

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Fat? No problem, get Morning Walker and get a relieved yourself. It'll blow your mind.

Morning walker machine for complete body fitness and relief. Proper exercise is an essential part of our body as it maintain health and keeps us fit. As we know, in today's life people are often in bad health and the main reason behind this is lack of exercise as it makes life fit through out the life. But 92% of the entire population does not have time for all such things So this morning walkers is good for them to use at any time just by lying on the floors. According to laboratory reports, 15 minute workout on Morning walker machine is equal to WALK of app. 10,000 steps. Modeled after a fish's swimming motion, and yoga asanas, this morning walker machine aids blood circulation and improver digestion. Morning walker is portable, convenient and small.

Ervamatin hair oil and the natural shampoo

Ervamatin Hair Oil provides effective and fast therapy for hair loss. When the scalp is given a treatment with Ervamatin it ensures excellent results. Shop Ervamatin Hair Oil Today
Ervamatin hair oil is an essential daily nutrition product which revitalizes the haid root system. It prevents excess build up of naturally produced oils in the scalp and thickness hair. Ervamatin improves the conditions of the hair and cleanses the scalp, which ensures a reduction of excessives sebum. Ervamatin is purly extracted from plants.